Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Inverter 6000W Continuous Power 3000W

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Pure Sine Wave = Perfect Power

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter: The pure sine wave inverter outputs the same current as the normal power grid, has a wide range of applications, high overload capacity, excellent stability, and provides the same AC current as ordinary households.
  • Conversion efficiency and no-load current: The conversion efficiency of this inverter is 88-92%, and the highest can reach 92%, with high conversion efficiency. The no-load current is 0.7A~1.29A, the loss is small, and the efficiency is maximized
  • Real performance: We provide 1200W 1800W 2500W 3000W continuous power peaking to double ie: 3000W unit peaks to 6000W a total of four kinds of power to choose from, and each model displays its performance.
  • Continuous Power & Daily use; Peak power only exists for a moment when the electrical appliance is started. The peak power of the inverter must be greater than the peak power required by the electrical appliance, otherwise it will not start. Simply put you just need to refer to the continuous power. Electrical appliances with power not exceeding 3000W can be used
  • Effective heat dissipation: There are two radiators inside the inverter and two high-speed fans can quickly and effectively reduce the internal temperature, prolong the service life of electronic components, and run for a long time without pressure.
  • Remote control: Connect the inverter and the remote control through a 3M network cable to view the current power, input voltage, output voltage and internal temperature in real time, which can be used in RVs, homes, yachts and various power environments.

Adequate Working Capacity

The power marked on the inverter is the power that it can actually achieve and can run for a long time. You can give full play to its maximum performance 100% for a long time, which is a guarantee for the product

Basic Data

The following are the parameters of each specification of the inverter, including continuous power, peak power, output waveform, available input voltage range, output voltage range, frequency, no-load current, conversion efficiency, product size, and product net weight

Pure Sine Wave

The pure sine wave inverter outputs the same electricity as the usual power grid, with a wide range of applications, high overload capacity, and excellent stability, providing the same AC current as the usual household. In the case of power satisfaction, almost any household appliances can be driven.

Applicable Scenarios And Equipment

Whether it is household electricity or outdoor electricity, RV power supply, industrial electricity, etc., our equipment can support it, not just refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, TVs and boilers, etc.

Packing List

1 x Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
1 x Control panel
1 x 3M control panel cable
1 x Positive and negative power cord
1 x User Manual

Australian Power Plug


Six Protection Functions

Positive and negative reverse polarity protection: by blowing the internal fuse

High temperature protection: When the temperature is higher than 85°C, the AC output will be turned off, and the alarm will sound 5 times/stop for 5 seconds (continuous mode). Automatically return to normal when the temperature is lower than 75°C

Overload protection: When the load is greater than 110%~130%, the AC output will be turned off after the alarm lasts for 15 seconds (the reset switch is restored). If the load is greater than 130%~150%, the alarm lasts for 5 seconds and then closes the AC output, (the reset switch is restored). When the load is greater than 150%%, the AC output will be turned off after 2 seconds, (the reset switch will be restored)

Low voltage protection: 12V model low voltage protection is 10V±4%, 24V model low voltage protection is 20V±4%, 48V model low voltage protection is 40V±4%. When the low voltage protection is triggered, the inverter will shut down automatically

High voltage protection: 12V model high voltage protection is 15V±4%, 24V model high voltage protection is 30V±4%, 48V model high voltage protection is 60V±4%. When the high voltage protection is triggered, the inverter will automatically shut down

Short circuit protection: turn off the device within 2 seconds (need to reset the switch to recover)

Durable & Tough Shell

Continuous Power:                1200W / 1800W / 2500W / 3000W
Peak Power:                           2400W / 3600W / 5000W / 6000W
Input Voltage:                                      12V / 24V / 48V
Output Voltage:                                       220V-240V
Output Frequency:                                        50HZ 
Plug Specifications:                                         AU

Size:                                                    47.5 x 26.5 x 10.3CM

Weight:                                                        5.62KG

Certification:                                           CE, FCC, RoHS

Watch Me

In-depth Review and Testing (Watch before you buy and when you receive you inverter to optimise your set it up).

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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Inverter 6000W Continuous Power 3000W pure sine inverter BushLine

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Inverter 6000W Continuous Power 3000W

From $379.00 AUD


  • 1200W
  • 1800W
  • 2500W
  • 3000W

Input Voltage

  • 12V
  • 24V
  • 48V
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