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When selecting a tactical belt think, how do I plan on using it?

While there are all types of variations, the best tactical belt is the one that combines comfort, function and style.
These types of belts utilise webbing and a buckle that typically uses friction for tensioning. Web belts are distinguished by their lack of holes in the cord, as opposed to pins, which are commonly found on “normal” belts. This allows the wearer to adjust the belt to the exact size needed.
Web belts vary in quality based on the webbing and buckle type used. They can be used for conceal and carry if the webbing is rigid enough and the buckle stays tensioned. Web belts are typically worn in a casual setting. They are not made for rappelling, anchoring or holding a great deal of gear. These belts are really meant for your average daily use (holding your pants up - no frills).
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