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Experience the Thrill of Hands free Night Vision

Observe Everything Land & Sea

Night Vision Binoculars feature a No-Glow INFRARED ILLUMINATOR. High-definition images with 2048x1536 pixels, 1920x1080@ 30FPS video. The body's unique non-slip design is easy to use. You can hunt, monitor wildlife, safely observe workplace at night, explore the wilderness or protect your farm, home, property during a pitch black dark night – NO external light needed!

Night Vision Goggles with digital infrared can be used both day and night. Normal colors are displayed without infrared during daylight hours.
All the scenery presented in front of you is the most realistic color, and the visual distance can reach infinity. The night scene will turn into a black-and-white movie, and the invisible infrared beam is used for more concealed monitoring.


The Swift night vision goggles add 1080p video recording with audio, a wider field of view, a high capacity 3000mAh rechargeable battery, powerful Low Glow 850nm LEDs and a higher resolution screen.

IP54 Waterproof
The waterproof 850NM night vision binoculars have waterproofing, dust, and fog-resistant built into their design to ensure reliable performance in rain, sleet, snow, and any weather. Great for prolonged use in any outdoor environment.

The NGV is supplied with an adjustable head strap as standard, making it easy to go hands-free. Using third-party mounts (not supplied), you can also mount the NGV to a military helmet, tactical helmet, or bump helmet.

Adventure with Superior Outdoor Equipment, Record or Photo Every Event !!


Dual-screen binocular naked-eye 3D viewing 1.4-inch 390 x 390 dual-screen internal screen, 7-level brightness adjustment, support dual-screen binocular naked-eye 3D viewing, restore the real three-dimensional scene seen by the human eye, and let you immerse yourself in it Experience the 3D real-time observation effect.

Day and night dual-purpose FHD high-definition shooting equipped with 3W, 850nm strong infrared spotlight to ensure long-distance observation without infrared light in low light. It supports 7-speed infrared adjustment, and the observation distance can reach 250 meters to 300 meters in a dark environment. You can Hunt in the dark, monitor wildlife, explore wilderness or protect your farm without external lighting

Completely independent binocular design and technology, allowing you to  adjust the visual compensation of the left and right eyes (the refractive adjustment range is plus or minus +/-3, that is, myopia, hyperopia 300 adjustment compensation), 7 times magnification, machine The unique anti-slip and raised button design can be quickly identified by touch even in complete darkness

Standard adjustable strap, headband, you can choose to hang it around your neck, or wear it on your head, or use a third-party mount (not provided) to mount the NVG to military, tactical or anti-aircraft Hit the helmet. The product is small in size, light in weight, portable, and very suitable for head-mounted. IP54 waterproof to meet your different needs.

Long battery life with the Built-in 3000mah rechargeable lithium battery, battery life is 4 hours under continuous full infrared, and 7 hours under the condition of low infrared usage. It also supports the use of an external mobile power supply. 

Watch Me

A Quick look around the NV8000

Note ; If you put on tripod you can then go for longer distance with out the shake

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  • NV8000
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