Dog Training Collar - Remote Control - Anti-Bark

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Would you like to improve your dogs Behaviour??

Training collars for dogs serve as valuable tool in addressing a range of persistent and undesirable behavior's exhibited by family pets, including issues like incessant barking and over-excitement. These innovative devices are designed to function as a deterrent against negative conduct.

When your dog engages in behavior you wish to correct, such as jumping on people or failing to respond to commands, these training collars provide gentle yet effective guidance. They accomplish this by delivering a brief static shock through contact points strategically placed around the dog's neck. It's essential to emphasize that this sensation does not cause harm to the dog; rather, it serves as a mild but attention-grabbing nudge.

The key to the effectiveness of these collars lies in repetition. Dogs quickly learn that their actions lead to this unique sensation when they behave inappropriately. Simultaneously, they come to understand that the sensation ceases when they return to the desired behavior's. This process, characterised by positive reinforcement, forms the foundation of how these collars effectively instruct dogs without causing any discomfort to our beloved pets.



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Dog Training Collar  - Remote Control - Anti-Bark Dog Stuff BushLine

Dog Training Collar - Remote Control - Anti-Bark

From $85.00 AUD


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  • For 2 Dogs
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